Haley’s Story

We’re called the Haley Butcher Organization for a reason and that reason is of course, Haley. She was born on April Fool’s Day, 1994 and lived an exuberant life until she passed away on November 7th, 2011. Haley suffered from myelodysplasia, a rare blood disorder that affected her body’s ability to produce new blood cells. After a round of chemo and a bone marrow transplant at the UCLA medical center, her weakened immune system allowed a fungal infection to take hold of Haley’s lungs, eventually leading to her death. Before she fell ill, Haley was an active member of Marina High School’s volleyball team (she made varsity her freshman year), a guitar player, a trend-setter, and a big-eyed girl with a passionate love for California burritos and golden retrievers. She was larger than life, beautiful, and a radiant envelope pusher.

Music was very important to Haley, which is how the organization came to be. During the last week of her life, Haley’s two favorite bands, Warpaint and the Growlers came to play for her, bedside. Shortly after her death, her best friend, Samantha, went about organizing a benefit with both bands (along with various other local Orange County bands: TRMRS, Tijuana Panthers, and Pangea) slotted to play at the Observatory in Santa Ana. The Haley Butcher Benefit was a sold-out night of raw emotion and celebration. At that point, everyone knew that with Haley as inspiration, nearly anything could be achieved. So that brings us to today, a point where Haley is a cause for dancing and changing the lives of other sick children.